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Cambridge Jets Youth Invitational

medalSunday, June 4, 2017
Thayer Academy, Braintree MA
Hosted by Cambridge Jets
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Jets Dominate in BAA
Middle School 1k Meter Run
April 15, 2017

Vivian and Niklas

As part of Marathon Weekend the B.A.A. holds extra races, one of which is the Middle-school 1k Invitational. The participants are 6th-8th graders, who reside in one of the eight cities and towns of the Boston Marathon course: Hopkinton, Ashland, Framingham, Natick, Wellesley, Newton, Brookline, and Boston. The participants include 2 girls and 2 boys from each town a total of 16 in each race by sex. Three of this year's participants representing Brookline are also Cambridge Jets, Vivian M., Niklas I. and James I.

In the girls race, Vivian came in 2nd place, 3:20.5. Niklas won the boys race in 2:58.1. James came in 8th place in 3:18.7. The boys' combined time of 6:16.8 got them first place for Brookline in the team championship. Vivian's Brookline team came in 2nd place in the team championship.

For the past 3 years, Jets have run in this BAA 1K race and performed quite well. All have represented Brookline. In 2016, Fred Sell came in 8th. In 2015, Hattie Grant placed 3rd, Lucas Aramburu won and Jon Diaz placed 3rd. In 2014, Duncan Grant came in 3rd and Lucas Aramburu placed 4th. In 2011, Spikey Freeman placed 2nd.

It doesn't matter the venue, whether its Colgate games, National competition, BAA races or local meets, the Jets' hard work and dedication always brings positive results.

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Jets Bring Home 5 Medals from
USATF Indoor Nationals
March 10-12, 2017

Vivian, Kylee and Peyton

On March 10-12, 2017 Vivian, Kylee and Peyton returned to Staten Island, New York to compete in the Hershey USATF Youth Indoor Championship.  

Vivian (13-14) came in 5th in both the 800m and the 1500m. In the 1500m, she ran a PR of 4.53.52, taking over 6 seconds off of her previous PR of 4.59! Kylee (11-12) finished 3rd in both the 200m and the 400m. The final for the 400m was a very fast race and the top three finishers (including Kylee) broke the meet record. Peyton (13-14), finished 15th in the 55m, 11th in the 200m and 2nd in the 55m hurdles. Peyton's final in the 55m hurdles was also a fast race where she and the first place finisher both broke the meet record.

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Northeast Conference Indoor
Championship Meet

March 5, 2017

This meet marked the end of the 2016-17 indoor season. The Jets hosted the meet, where hundreds of athletes attended from as far away as New Jersey. The meet ran efficiently due to the help of the Jet's parents. Thanks to all Jets parents, for all of the help on the track and in the concession stand.

The meet highlights include 2 meet records set by Davonte in the HS 55m of 6.39 and 200m record of 21.89. He placed first in both events. Kylee was the only triple winner with victories in 12 year old 55m, 200m and 400m.

Other first place finishes include: Peyton (13: 55m, 55mH), Vivian (14: 800m, 1500m), Lucas (9: 800m, 1500m), Leon (8: 800m), Cainan (9: 200m), Denmark (10: 800m), Raseed (14: 400m)

Second place went to: Solahni (9: 400m, LJ), Justin (10: 55m, 200m), Lucy (12: 800m), Keira (12: 1500m), Katherine (HS: 800m), Daniela (HS: 1500m), Chase (8: 200m), Cainan (9: 400m), Denmark (10: 1500m), Kamari (HS: 800).

Third place went to: Milo (10: 200m, 400m), Parker (12: 800m, 1500m), Amia-ann (10:LJ), Mianci (14: 55m), Abby (HS: 800m), Paulina (HS: 55mH), Chase (8: 55m), Damaise (8: 200m), Owen (11: 800m), Taj (12: 200m), Elija (12: LJ), William (13: 200m), Raseed (14: 200m), Tai (HS: 55m).

Fourth-Eigth places go to: 8 and under years old: Meya 55m, LJ; Jai'lyse 400m, LJ; Anaiah 400m, 200m; Jeziah LJ; Jaidyn 55m, 200m; Leon 400m, LJ; Roshon 200m; Malik LJ; Samer LJ.
9 year olds: Monet 55m, 200m, LJ; Solahni 200m; Jonathan 200m, 400m; Zev 200m, LJ;
10 year olds: Amia-ann 200m, 400m; Robert 200m, 400m, LJ; Adam 400m, Alexander 55m;

11 year olds: Yuki 55m, 200m; Dasha 400m; Owen 400m, Maasiai 400m, 800m;
12 year olds: Alana 200m; Taj 55m;
13 year olds: Amelia 200m; Corrine 400m; Zora 400m, 800m; Kya 800m, 1500m;
William 400m;
14 year olds: Mianci 200m; Shamiah 200m, 400m; Abby 400m, LJ; Lauren 800m, LJ;
HS: Mia 200m, 400m; Samantha 400m; Daniela 800m; Theo 55m, 200m; Samuel 200m, 400m; Kamari 400m, Niklas 400m;

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3 Jets Qualify for USATF Indoor Nationals
February 19, 2017

Peyton, Kylee and Vivian

On February 19, Vivian, Kylee and Peyton competed in the USATF Northeast Zone Indoor Championships in Staten Island, New York. Hundreds of athletes within our Region competed, but only the top eight finishers in each track event qualified to compete at the USATF Hershey Youth Indoor National Championships in Staten Island, New York on March 10-12, 2017.

All three of our Jets athletes had excellent performances, each qualifying in every event which they competed. Vivian competed in the 13-14 yr old 800m and the 1500m, finishing 2nd and 3rd, respectively. Of particular note is Vivian’s 1500m time - 4:59.56 - marking the first time she ran the 1500m in under 5 minutes. Congratulations Vivian!!

In the 11-12 year old division, Kylee competed in the 200m, finishing 3rd and in the 400m finishing 2nd. Peyton, 13 -14 yr old division, finished 7th in the 55m, 4th in the 200m and 1st in the 55m hurdles.

Congratulations to our national qualifiers. Go Jets!!

[Full results]

2016-2017 43rd Annual Colgate Games
Finals held: February 18, 2017

kylee peyton
Kylee 6th in 400m and Peyton 2nd in 55m hurdles

For six weekends Peyton and Kylee travelled to New York to compete in the Colgate Women’s Games, the nation’s largest amateur track series open to all girls from elementary school through college and beyond. Hundreds of competitors (some traveling from as far away as Georgia) participated in four (4) preliminary meets and a semi-finals to determine the top six (6) finalists who competed for trophies. The top three (3) finishers in the finals also received an educational grant-in-aid from the Colgate-Palmolive Company. Both Kylee and Peyton ran in the Middle School Division, which has 6th, 7th and 8th grade girls ranging from 11 to 14 years old.

Kylee, a 6th grader, competed against girls that were up to 3 years older than her, in 8th grade. Kylee made the finals in the 400m and came in 6th place running a 1:02.73. She did a fantastic job and still has two years left in this Division.

Peyton’s had a very strong performance over the preliminaries and semi-finals and finished 2nd in the finals with a time of 8.55 and 2nd overall in the event. The girl who won the 55m hurdles is the reigning AAU National Champion in both the 200m hurdles and the Long Jump. Peyton was the only competitor at Colgate to beat her in the 55 meter hurdles and in the finals only 3/100 of a second separated their times. Look out Middle School Division, next year Peyton returns as an 8th grader.
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U8 Relay Sets New Jets Team Record at
Northeast Indoor Classic Youth Meet
February 12, 2017

8U Boys 4x200 relay:
Damaise B, Chase S, Jonathan C, and Lijah-Blue J

The 8U boys 4x200 relay not only won, but they also broke a nearly 20 year old Cambridge Jets team record with a time of 2:27.42.
The rest who earned first place were: Peyton (13-14: 55mh, 55mH), Solahni (7-8: 400m), Jonathan (7-8: 400m), Chase (7-8: SLJ), Niklas (13-14: 800m).
Second place went to: Vivian (13-14: 800m), Jaidyn (7-8: SLJ), Justin (9-10: SLJ).
Third places went to: Jada (7-8: 400m), Vivian (13-14: 1500m), William (11-12: 400m), Theodore (13-14: 200m), Raseed (13-14: 400m).

Fourth-Eigth places go to: 7-8 year old: Damaise 55m, 200m, 400m, 55mH;
Jonathan 200m, SLJ; Monet 55mH, LJ; Meya 55mH; Aniah 400m; Chase 55m.
9-10 year olds: Justin 55m, 200m; Cainan 400m; Alexander SLJ;
11-12 year olds: Amelia 200m; William 200m;
13-14 year olds: Greg 800m, 1500; Peyton 200m; Theodore 55m; Raseed 200m.

Other Jets participants: Mianci, Samantha, Abby, Samer, Zev, Zack, Aden, Milo, Owyn, Austin, Alexander, Owen, Maasiai, Austin, Thomas, Gavi, Kaden, Aaron.

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meet logo
January 22, 2017

A handful of Jets travelled to Connecticut to face nearly 20 teams primarily from Connecticutt and New York. The Jets held their own and ran well. Winning their events were: Jai'ly (5-6: 200m and 55mH) and Damaise (7-8: LJ). Second place went to Jai'ly (5-6: 55m), Taj (11-12: 200m) and Raseed (13-14: 200m). Third place: Ruth (11-12: 400m) and Taj (11-12: 55m), Damaise (7-8: 200m) and Roshon (7-8: LJ).

Fourth-Eigth places go to: 7-8 year old: Damaise 55m;
9-10 year olds: Amia‐ann 55m, LJ; Monet 55m; Cainan 200m, 400m;
11-12 year olds: Owen 200m;
13-14 year olds: Shamiah 200m, 400m; Am 200m, William 200m, Raseed 400m.

Other Jets participants: Anaia, Jez, Jada, Solahni, Zora, Gavi, Milo, Aden, Malik, Maasiai, Jaidyn, Aaron.

[Full results]

Young Jets Dominate Mayor's Cup
October 23, 2016

Denmark, enjoying his bling: 1st place for <10 year old team
and 6th place individual

The Under 10 year old age group boys won the Mayor's Cup and the girls came in second place! The boys team was made up of Quinn (2nd place), Denamark (6th), Lucas (18th), Leon and Samer. The girls team included: Gigi (5th), Sloan (6th) and Dasha (21st). Vivian placed 2nd in the 13-14 yr old age group. Other Jets runners include: James, Felix, Chase and Eamon.
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2016 Wayland XC Festival
October 9, 2016


Jets showed their competitiveness and were not detered by rain at the Wayland meet. Top 10 performances were turned in by: Denmark (2nd place, <8 yr olds), Lucas (3rd place, <8 yr olds), Vivian (3rd place 13-14 yr old), Gigi (5th place, 9-10 yr old), Sloan (7th place, 9-10 yr old). Other finishers: Kya, Lauren, Chase and Eamon.
[Full results]

2016 AAU National Jr. Olympics
Humble, TX- Aug1-6, 2016

Peyton receiving her 3rd place medal

A small group of Jets faced intense heat and competition in Humble Texas. Peyton and Sloan brought back medals. Peyton placed 3rd in 12yr old girls 80m hurdles with a personal best and Jets team record of 12.86.

Sloan placed 6th in 10yr old girl 1500m. She also set a personal best and Jets team record, 5:22.25. Others who made the trip representing the Jets with strength and pride were: Jahphiah, Wallace, Denmark, Kylee, Chase and Cainan. [Full Results]

Peyton is featured in Medford newspaper article: [Read Article]

2016 AAU National Club Championships
Orlando, FL - July 10-16, 2016


Peyton, the only Jet to compete in the AAU Club Nationals, represented well earning 2 national medals. She placed 3rd in the 12 yr old girls hurdles (13.10). She also won a medal by placing 8th in the 12 yr old 100m with a time 13.72. [Full Results]

Jets bring home 18 medals
from AAU National Indoor Championships
March 12-13, 2016, Maryland

3rd place for 13-14yr olds 4x400m relay:
Vivian, Kaori, Mianci and Shamiah

Amid an extremely competitive, long and tiring National Indoor tournament, the Cambridge Jets capped off the indoor season with an outstanding performance, which included individual achievements by both veterans and first time participants. The Jets netted first places by Kylee (400) and Wallace (800), second places by Wallace (400) Kylee (200) Gigi (800, 1500) Vivian (800, 1500) and a third place finish in the 4x400 (Kaori, Shamiah, Vivian, Mianci) In addition, there were some incredible performances by Peyton 8th in the 60, Denmark 3rd in the 1500 and Mianci with a season best in the 400. We had PR performances from Kayla (60m), Kaden (200), Shamiah (400), Janae (400), Nalani (60), and Kaori (60). The weekend concluded with the 4x200 relays, our 11/12 girls team of Kylee, Peyton, Kayla, Janae came in 5th place.

Overall,a fantastic performance with significant growth. [Results] [Photos]

Jets at Jr Olympic Nationals - 2015
AAU: August 3-11, Virginia Beach, VA
USATF: Juy 27-August 2, Jacksonville, FL

alexis jumping

A total of 10 Jets went to the Junior Olympics to wrap up the year. Each gave his of her all on the biggest stage of the season and everyone had something to be proud of.

Kylee completed her wildly successful year by earning medals in three events in Norfolk, VA at the AAU JO’s. She ran a great race to finish second in the 10 year old 400 in a new Jets record 1:01.78. That came about three hours after she lowered her team record in the preliminary round of the 200 to 27.94. Four days later she ran a 28.25 for fourth place overall. Kylee also grabbed a fourth place medal in the 100, 13.85 being her best time of the three rounds.

Alexis was the other Jet to place in the top eight, bounding 36-02 in her specialty, the triple jump, for a bronze medal on the first day of competition. Two days later she missed the finals of the long jump by ¾ of an inch, soaring 16-08.5 for ninth place. Alexis also ran the 100.

kyle_peytonAnother team record in the (11-12 year old) 400 went to Peyton who ran a blistering 1:02.52, good enough for 11th place amongst 11 year olds. Peyton had earlier run a 27.61 to qualify for the semi finals of the 200 where she finished 19th. She also competed in the 100.

Also competing for the Jets in Norfolk were Lucas in the 14 year old 1500 (13th) and 800 (17th), Kaori, in 13 year old triple jump (14th) and 100, Davonte in the 15-16 year old 100 (20th) and 200, Jacob in the 9 year old 1500 and long jump, Sergei in the 14 year old 3000 and Jahphiah in the 15-16 year old 400. [Full Results]

The previous week Denmark went down to Jacksonville, FL to the USATF Jr. Olympics. He battled a tough field and even tougher heat to PR in the 400 meters after running the 200 and 800.


aau logo2014 AAU National Junior Olympicss
July 27- Aug 3, Des Moines, Iowa

kylee medal

Four Jets went to the meet and came back with two national medals. Kylee ran a new team record 1:06.62 in the 9 year old 400 for fourth place and followed that up with a 15th place in the 800.

maya podiumkylee medalMaya got 7th place, scoring 2431 points in the 12 year old pentathlon with strong performances in all 5 events (hurdles, shot put, high jump, long jump and 800). She later placed 9th in the high jump, just missing the podium in the deepest 12 year old girls high jump ever.

Also, Peyton set a new team record in the semi-finals of the 10 year old 100, running 13.93. She qualified for semis in the 200 and ran a strong 400 while Nina competed in the triathlon and the long jump.

2014 USATF National Junior Olympics
July 21-27, Houston TX

maya medal
Maya receiving silver medal for 17-18 yr old 1500m

4x400teamTen Jets went to hot, humid Houston to compete against the nation’s best and came back with 4 national medals and some very fine performances. Maya earned a silver medal in the women’s 17-18 1500 with a smartly run 4:41.43 [video]. Maya also teamed up with Sydney, Kenlee and Spikey to run a 3:58.79 4X400 relay. Davonte survived the tiring heats of the boys 13-14 100 and 200 to medal in both events. He ran a great turn and strong straight to run 23.10 into a slight wind to gain third in the 200 [video] and also ran a team record 11.17 in the preliminary round on his way to a 5th place 11.33 in the finals in the 100 [video].

alexis_4_tjAlexis powered her way to a PR of 36’ 4 ¼” for a fourth place finish in the 13-14 triple jump [video]. She also just missed the finals of the long jump by 3 inches with a jump of 16’ 7 ¾” and ran a strong 100. In addition, Jahphiah set a new team record in the girls 13-14 400 with a 57.94 [video]and qualified for the semi-finals in that and in the 200. Also competing for the Jets were Sarada, who qualified for semi-finals in the 100, Jacob in the 800, 1500 and long jump, Quinn in the 800 and 1500, Spikey in the 400 and Sydney in the 200.
[Results] [More Videos]

Jets Flying High at AAU Jr National Olympics
Earn 8 medals!
Detroit - July 2013

medal group

Nineteen members of the Cambridge Jets traveled to Ypsilanti, Michigan to compete with 10,000 of the nations best youth track and field athletes in the 2013 AAU Junior Olympics. Not only was that the largest group from any New England team to go to the JO's (either AAU or USATF) but it was also the largest Jets team ever to participate. Each of the Jets competed hard and gained valuable experience. Five of our athletes came home with a total of eight medals, the most medals of any New England team at either JO. It was the best overall performance by a Jets team ever at the Junior Olympics.

coach Our medal round-up was as follows: Peyton earned 8th in the 9 year old 400 with a 9-10 year old team record 1:09.28. Maya W. got 7th in the 11 year old high jump with a jump of 4 feet. Quinn ran to a 4th in the 13 year old 800 in 2:10.86 (PR) and a 3rd in the 1500 in 4:32.69 (PR). Maya H-A got a 4th in the 15 – 16 year old 800 (2:13.52 PR) and a 2nd in the 1500 (4:46.43) and Jordan triple jumped 45’ 2.5” for 6th place and hurdled 14.67 for 5th in the 17 – 18 year old division. Medals are given to the top 8 in each event.

In addition to the medals earned, the Jets were represented by 7 year old Jacob (Long Jump PR), 8 year olds Nina (Long Jump) and Kylee (100, 200, 400), 9 year old Peyton (100, 200), 10 year olds Mianci (100, 200 PR) and Amy (400 PR, 800) 11 year olds Maya W. (Hurdles, Pentathlon) Kaori (100, 200) and Stephen (400, Long Jump) 12 year olds Alexis (100, 200, Long Jump), Sergei (800, 1500 PR) and Trey (400 PR), 13 year old Davonte (100, 200, 400) 15-16 year olds Spikey (400) and Sam (Long Jump PR) and 17 – 18 year old Serena (100, 200).

Cambridge Jets Win Youth Relay in
New Balance Grand Prix Meet
Feb 2013
gran prix relay

Cambridge Jets continue to dominate the Youth Relay race at the New Balance Grand Prix meet winning the last 6 of 7 years. Every February, the New Balance meet is held at the Reggie Lewis track, where world class and Olympic runners come to compete. The meet holds a youth relay where local track teams send their best young sprinters (must be younger than High School age). The race has 2 boys and 2 girls running in a 4x200m. This year Olivia, Sam, Mianci and Davonte ran for the Jets, beating 5 other local teams.

The race was especially exciting because Mianci (10 years old) was asked to participate in the race only an hour before race time. Even though Mianci is fast for her age, all the other participants were 3-4 years older, quite a disadvantage, but she held her own. The Jets ran hard, had good hand offs and persevered. Watch the exciting race here:


Photo: Kikki

Jordan Samuels is the USA Track & Field (USATF) - New England Athlete of the Month for July 2012. At the USATF Junior Olympic National Championships in Baltimore, Maryland, the last week of July, Samuels was a double medallist in the Boys' Intermediate (15-16) age division, earning 4th place in the triple jump with a mark of 44'11.75" and 5th place in the 110 meter hurdles with a time of 14.87. He also won three events at the Region I Junior Olympic meet on July 8 to qualify for Nationals, and was a 2 event winner in the scholastic division at the Bay State Games on July 14. [more]

Jordan and Olivia place at USATF Indoor Nationals

March 10-11, 2012 - Normal, IL

Olivia Thorsgaard, Midget, ran to silver in the hurdles - 9.86 - and placed fourth in both the high jump and long jump.
Jordan Samuels, Intermediate, won both the Triple Jump (42'8") and 55m Hurdles (8.00, New National record), and also took 2nd in 55m (6.77).

aau logoCongratulations to Alexis!aau logo


National Champion in the Girls Bantam High Jump at
AAU Outdoor National Jr. Olympic Championships
August 1-6 2011, New Orleans

She was also 4th in the Triathalon and Davonte was 5th in the Sub-Midget 100m

medal group

 Cambridge Jets win 7 National Champion Titles in Chicago at the USATF Indoor Youth Nationals, 2011

Victories included gold medals in the girls' youth 4 x 200m relay (1:46.41) and 4 x 400m relay (4:12.25). Both relays include: Spikey, Maya, Camille and Sydney. Other golds include Spikey in the youth girls 400m (1:01.13), Maya in the youth girls 800m (2:22.67) , Sydney in the youth girls 55m (7.43) and 200m (26.53), Bryon in the  intermediate boys' 55m (6.89). Bryon also earned a bronze in the 400m and Jordan brought home a bronze in the intermediate boys' triple jump and 5th place in the 55m hurdles! Since this is the first time that the USATF has held an indoor national championship, these winning times are National Records. These are truly performances to be proud of, and are indicative of GREAT coaching and very hard work on the part of the kids. 

Thank you for visiting our internet site. The place for all the latest news and information about The Cambridge Jets organization, athletes and youth track in general. The Cambridge Jets Youth Track Club, Inc., a 501(c)3, is committed to the furthering of the sport of youth track, and most importantly the enrichment of the lives of the young men and women who make up the Cambridge Jets.


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New Haven Age
Group Youth Meet

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Bowen Field,
New Haven CT.

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 AAU New England District Qualifier

Sunday June 11, 2017

Thayer Academy,
Braintree MA
Hosted by Cambridge Jets

Top 8 finishers advance to AAU Region 1 on 6/30


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