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Hall of Fame

Not everyone can make it into the Jets Hall of Fame! In fact, it's more accurate to say hardly anybody makes it into the Hall of Fame. Doing well in a couple of state or even division championships is a considerable accomplishment but it has become almost expected for Cambridge Jets kids. The athletes in the Hall of Fame are truly the best of the best.


Curtis Jackman Jr.
Member of Jets 1992-2000

2000 - AAU Club National: 15-16 Boys 1500m, National champion*****
 1999 - USATF-NE JO'S: Youth Boys 800m, 1500m, champion
 1999 - AAU-NE District:  Youth Boys 3000m, 800m, 1500m, champion
 1998 - USATF-NE JO'S: Youth Boys 800m, champion
 1998 - AAU Region I: Youth Boys 1500m, champion
 1998 - AAU-NE District: Youth Boys 3000m, 1500m, champion
 1997 - USATF-NE JO'S: Midget Boys 800m, 1500m, champion
 1997 - USATF Region I: Midget Boys Cross Country 3K, champion
 1997 - USATF-NE JO'S: Midget Boys Cross Country 3K, champion
 1997 - Mayor's cup: Boys 1K, champion
 1996 - USATF-NE JO'S: Midget Boys 1500m, 3000m, champion
 1996 - AAU - NE JO'S: 1500m, 800m, champion
 1995 - USATF-NE JO'S: 800m, champion
 1995 - AAU-NE JO'S: 1500m, champion  

Adrian Worrell 
Member of Jets 1990 - 1995


1992 (Age 12)
USATF - New England Champion 400m and 800m 
USATF - Region 1 Champion 800m
Participated in East Coast invitational placing 3rd overall in 11-12 yr 800m (2:17.43)
1993 (Age 13)
Participated placed 2nd overall in the AAU-NE Junior Olympics 800m (2:11:00)
 which got him invited to participate with Kenya Runners Track Club 
At the AAU Junior Olympics in Loisiana where he helped secure 2nd place finished in the 4x400 and 4x800 relays.
1994 (Age 14)
AAU Junior Olympics New England Champion 400m, 800m and 1500m 
AAU Junior Olympics Region 1 Chanpion 800m 1500m 
Traveled to florida for the AAU Junior Olympics placing 2nd over-all in the 
800m (2:02:02) and 1500m (4:22:30)
High School
1996 State Champion 1000 yards with a time of 2:16:4 
All Scholastic 1996 1000 yards
Lincoln University: Part of 5 National Championship teams
Graduated from Lincoln in 2002

Pamella Clair
Member of Jets 1987 - 1991

As a member of the Jets, Pamella was a dominant sprinter in the New England region. 
Officer Clair, as she is now known, is a member of Cambridge's finest.  If she pulls you over you can tell her you saw her Hall of Fame page on the Jet's web site.  It probably won't get you out of a ticket but hey...

High School (Cambridge Rindge & Latin 1991 - 1995)
Eastern State Champions - Indoor 880m Relay
Class A Champions - Outdoor 4x100 Meter Relay
Most Valuable Player
Most Valuable Player
Coaches Award
Class A Champion - Outdoor 400m
All State 2nd Pace - Outdoor 400m
Most Valuable Player

Collage (Northeastern University 1995 - 1999)
Northeastern Indoor Track & Field Records
4x800m Relay 9:23:34 (1995-96)
4x400m Relay 3:49:84 (2997-98)
Northeastern Outdoor Track & Field Records
4x400m Relay 3:44:35 (1999) 
National Student-Athlete Award (1996)
Indoor America East Champions (1995, 1996, 1998)
Outdoor America East Champions (1996, 1997, 1998)

Jonathon Jean-Louis
 Member of Jets 1997 - 2003


 2004 - USATF-NE JO'S: 15-16 Boys 400m champion
 2003 - USATF Region I: Youth Boys 200m, 400m, champion
 2003 - USATF National: Youth Boys 200m, champion
 2003 - USATF-NE JO'S: Youth Boys 200m, 400m, champion 
 2003 - AAU-NE District: Youth Boys 200m, 400m, champion 
 2002 - USATF-NE JO'S: Youth Boys 200m, champion
 2002 - AAU-NE District: Youth Boys 400m, champion
 2002 - AAU Indoor National: Youth Boys champion *****
 2001 - AAU Region I: Midget Boys 400m, 800m, champion 
 2001 - AAU-NE District: Midget Boys 400m, 800m, champion 
 2001 - USATF-NE JO'S: Midget Boys 400m champion
 2000 - AAU-NE Distict: Midget Boys 400m, champion
 2000 - AAU Club National: Midget Boys 400m, champion *****
 1998 - USATF-NE JO'S: Bantam Boys 400m, champion





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